Projects / Add

Whatever your Project is, Add it to the listing of Projects for others to discover and help fund.

Projects / Search

Stay Relevant by Searching for Projects by location, category, and or key words.

Projects / Security

Blockstack based consensus secures your data as your Project details are indexed and distributed.

Blockstack Secured Project Listings

Inform prospective backers more details about your project upon drilling down from the indexed listing.


Decentralization for Localization

Inform prospective backers about your project location by tagging its location geospatially when creating a new Project.

Souq 1.0 FAQs

What is Souq 1.0?
A decentralized project funding application that utilizes Blockstack, a blockchain technology, to secure the Project listings. Similar to other online crowd funding services however designed to be decentralized.

Where is the Project listing saved?
Users post Projects to the Blockstack namespace, and or Users view Projects already saved to the Blockstack namespace system.

How is the Project post secure?
Users secure their listings via their mobile app that syncs with their preferred Cryptocracy node server, that in turn interface with the Blockstack virtual blockchain for consensus. (Currently Blockstack uses Bitcoin for consensus validation however it is agnostic)

Whats the basic premise to setup Souq 1.0?
Users need to configure their app to speak to their Node running THESE FLOWS, as well as they need to configure all the app/node variables within the flows. (more detailed tutorial)

How/Why do I setup my mobile app?
Users need define their server path, port, and secret in the form found after clicking on the Wrench on the top right the Account Tab. This information is used to synchronize and execute commands against your preferred Cryptocracy node server.

How/Why do I setup my Cryptocracy Node?
Users need to define their Node operation variables for api end points to function properly and establish other key variables and dependencies such as Blockstack, Redis, & JWT for other operational functionality. (more detailed tutorial coming soon)

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If you are interested in learning how to setup your app, please start by visiting the Setup Guide.

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